Monday, May 11, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow

As of this writing, Ambrose has been off CPAP for 34 hours.  The plan is to get out of Dodge tomorrow. Yeah!  He is doing great!  I am trying to tie up loose ends.  I got all of his new scripts into the pharmacy.  He had an orthopedic consult, for suggestions re: foot splints, scholeosis. Fine tuning diet, skin rash issues, ...
We have traded our wretching, coughing, hacking neighbor for a horrible teenage boy who frequently has loud intimidating swearing outbursts about getting the F out of here and calling the nurse "you  F----in' idiot."  It is really bothering me.
Ambrose is still having some seizures, but less than before.  It seems to me he does better with slightly lower ketones than the 4+ that is the goal.  I'm not sure yet how to control this.
Can't wait to get home.


  1. So glad he's going home and you're getting out of Dodge. Happy Belated Mother's Day to an incredible mama!!! xoxo Jill