Monday, February 11, 2013


Once again, the wonderful Charla Reardon created a facebook event to ask people to send birthday cards to Ambrose.  He received 68 cards.  We want to send a special thank you to Kelley Hickey Lynch and the Armata Biance children's rosary group for the fabulous tactile cards they made for Ambrose and for all the prayers over the years!  Ambrose really enjoys touching the cards and one day made a huge SMILE while touching one of them!


Sophia's birthday and the day of her passing have come and gone once more.  On January 22, it was 6 years since she left us to become an angel.  Everyday we miss her but we feel her presence in our lives, most especially through our darling Ambrose.  My husband and I wrote messages on balloons and released them into the sky.  My husband was able to do so over Hogback mountain and watch it slowly drift away at the "100 mile view" spot.  I released mine in the backyard and am not sure it went so far, but it felt good to do.  I'm sure she got the message.

February 7 was the 10th year anniversary of her birth.  10 years!  Wow!  How our lives have changed. She was a tiny girl, but the love that radiated off of her filled the whole house.  It is hard to remember a time before she was with me.  Perhaps because she has always been with me.  I miss her so, but am so grateful that we had almost 4 glorious years with her and I know I will one day be with her again.