Sunday, October 20, 2013


When I look into these eyes, my heart is filled with joy.  These are Ambrose's "big eyes".  Often we only see them for short periods of time, but this weekend we have seen them for hours at a time. 

Ambrose is often awake with his eyes closed or rolled back for long stretches of time.  When he has his "big eyes on" he is much more attentive to the world around him.  

                                                   He has been engaging and smiling alot.

This past weekend, we were special guests at a Make a Wish fundraising dinner.  I was asked to speak about what Make a Wish has meant to us.  I am too shy to speak in front of a room full of people.  My husband spoke and did a great job.  I agonized about my decision to bring Ambrose.  I know it would be meaningful for people to see this "wish kid", but I worry so much about exposing him to germs.
It turned out to be a great night which Ambrose really enjoyed.

They had asked if it was OK having Ambrose sit at the front table.  They wondered if it would be too loud for him.  I thought it would be fine since he is hearing impaired.  It turned out to be perfect.  He loved listening to the music and especially the Karaoke.  They had strings of lights up that he could see.

Our friend Winnie came.  She loves Ambrose and Ambrose loves her too.  Our boy had those big eyes on the whole night.  We were there almost 3 hours.  I can't recall the last time I saw him engaged with something for so long.  Words really can't express how much it fills my heart with joy to see him like this.