Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brosie has been sick :(

Two weeks ago Ambrose started coughing alot, then got a fever of 103.  I was also sick along with him.  He started needing more oxygen and lots and lots of suctioning.  It is our (and our Doctor's) goal to keep him out of the hospital.  When he is sick, I put him on his ventilator (CPAP and Pressure Support) around the clock.  He was started on  Bactrim, a broad spectrum antibiotic, just in case it helps.  Progress was slow and he began sleeping very little.  Our nurse discovered that insomnia was listed as a possible side effect of Bactrim, so he stopped taking it and began to get some rest.  A few days ago he started to seem to feel more like himself.  His oxygen needs decreased and he was able to be off of the vent during the day.  He became more bright eyed and cuddly.  Yeah!  He and I are still not totally recovered.  He still has a lot of secretions from his trach and his nose.  He seems to be a bit weak as he is not bearing any weight.  He usually likes to stand up on our laps (with support under his arms) many times a day for several seconds to a minute.  I was not putting his knee immobilizers on him at night when he was at him sickest.  

More Mouth Woes

Now poor litle Brosie has a white sore on his tongue from his sharp bottom tooth.  You can't really tell form these photos how very pointy and sharp that little tooth is.  Oh, and he lost another (top) tooth.

Outdoor Fun with Ambrose

Ambrose has been on many outings this spring:  Church, the park, and lots of walks.  Then it got hot....