Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ambrose's Stables and Horse Pedigree Information

Since the last update, there has been a furry flurry of activity at Ambrose's Stables.  He was so excited after his visit with the horses Jeremiah and Modock that he decided to adopt several rare and special little horses.  They constantly watch over him and he is always happy to reach out and find one nuzzling his hand.

Surrounded by hoofs

So lets me introduce the horses in no partucular order of importance or heirarchy:

This is Modock.  He was sired by a much larger horse who coincidentally was also named Modock.  He can gallop at full stride but is most comfortable just sitting down and taking it easy.  Modock won the Triple-Crown years ago but nobody can really remember what year, although we do have the Blue-Ribbon.  Modock likes Eggs-Benedict for breakfast and has taken to long afternoon naps where he dreams of frolicking in a grassy field and rolling-in-the-hay.

Then there is Sergio.  Med-Sergio is his Pedigree name.  A dashing little pony who is handsome and smart and has a mane that just won't quit!   Always by Ambrose's side he is often handling such mundane tasks such as wiping Ambrose's nose.  Never a complainer, he always gets extra oats but we know that he sometimes hides his oats and gives them to other horses who are hungry.


Little Bright Eyes is a very, very old horse whose grandfather came over to America with Desoto when he explored America in the 1500's.  His impressive lineage includes the horse that the Roman Army modeled the Trojan Horse from. If you look closely you can see the resemblance.     His name is deceptive because his eyes are actually very dark.  Little Bright Eyes however, despite his advanced age, is very stout and vigilant, and can do anything a younger horse can do and do it with more experience and more confidence.  But then he too needs an afternoon nap.  Little Bright Eyes is fond of Ambrose and spend alot of time watching over him when the other horses are in the stalls or eating hay or grazing on the carpet.  He is loyal and determined and he loves Ambrose and would do anything for him.
Little Bright Eyes

And last but not least Blackie.  Blackie is a horse imported from the Himalayes.  Horses from his region work closely with sherpas to drag trust-fund adventurers to their death at high altitude trying to reach remote mountain peaks. The horses were famous for being able to hold their breaths for long periods of time, and to be able to "ski" back down the mountains with the bodies of the frozen climbers strapped on their backs.   Blackie was sired by Whitey, the first horse to climb Kilamanjaro.  The biggest of Ambrose's horses,  all of the other horses thing he is the most gentle, and so does Ambrose.

So we are one big horsey-family.

The family thay nays together stays together.

So that is the biographical and pedigree information I think everyone needs, so if you are looking for a sire to your next foal, look no further than Ambrose's Stables.

By James Brown
Ambrose's Daddy