Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ambrose had a great summer.  He had many adventures.  Grandma and Grandpa visited.  He went camping (luxury camping).  We stayed in the Director's cabin at Green Mountain Camp.  He went to the Wellness in Windham festival where he got his face painted.  
He made several paintings which were were auctioned off to raise money for his father's Mission trip to Kenya this fall.  He went for many walks, lost more teeth and got new ones, and had several doctor's appointments, of course.  
We have tried a variety of different respiratory medications.  We are currently doing chest PT am and pm followed by Advair.  He does seem to be having fewer episodes of desaturations and is using a bit less O2 overall.  We are also trialing him off of Synthroid.  
Ambrose is the light of our lives and has been his usual wonderful, snuggly, loving self and we are so grateful for every moment with him!


Dear sweet Ambrose is now a kindergartener!  He is technically a part of the Academy School, but is home schooled.  We have instituted a new schedule of developmental activities to work into his day.  He also has a daily "report card" (sticker chart) and receives many rewards.  He has an A+!  He has just been wonderful as he always is.  He puts up with it all and participates (sometimes passively).  It is very exciting for him to have reached this milestone!