Thursday, September 30, 2010

At last...a new post!

Well....Brosie had appeared to be getting better after that last post but spiked high fevers (104.5) again, had a bad rash around his trach (from the antibiotics), and increased O2 needs. He went back on the vent and started Amoxicillin. I took a trach culture and the doctor took a culture from around his trach. Both grew the dreaded MRSA (antibiotic resistant infection) and the trach also grew Hemophilus influenza. He switched to Bactrim for another 10 days.
I was very stressed, thinking that perhaps I brought this home to him from work. I went to the doctor, as I had a bad cough for weeks. I got tested for MRSA and do not have it. I was very glad that I did not give it to him. I suspect he got it on his last hospital admission. He has gotten hospital acquired infections there before: the Norwalk virus, when in the Intensive Care Nursery, and C-Diff, when in the PICU. Sophia got urosepsis in the PICU. She nearly died.
The good news is that he finally seems better!
Isn't this the greatest picture!
It is hard being away from Ambrose so much now that I am in nursing school and working. Fortunately we have found another excellent nurse at last! Ambrose is loved and adored by his nurses: Cheryl, Cynthia, and Rebbecca and we are very thankful for them!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Much Better!

Ambrose has been on the trach collar (OFF the vent!) for 12 hours and doing great! (About to go back on for the night. I guess we're back to night use only. Horray!) He's still up on his O2 but will take a while to get back down. Just finished his last dose of Cipro.