Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Legs and Lights

I was just reading back over the small number of post I have made this fall and they all seem to focus on fevers and illness. Sorry about that. He has been well a lot too.
Of course he has been up to his usual trick of staying up all night.
The most exiting thing is that he has been SMILING a lot more. His smiles are small and hard to capture in pictures, but we are seeing them and that is wonderful!
He got new KAFOs (knee-ankle-foot orthotics) which can be worn over the AFOs or alone. These replace his old velcro knee immobilizers, which weren't working too well. The problem is his incredibly tight hamstrings, or "hamsprings" as his EI recently dubbed them. His keeps his legs bent at a 90+ degree (why is there no degree sign on a keyboard?) angle. He wears these for an hour at a time for stretching. These new ones have a hinge at the knee which enables you to put them on his bent legs and gradually tighten them. We only go as far as is comfortable and hopefully will eventually be able to get them to loosen up. I have posted a picture of him getting cast for them a few months ago (while wearing his AFOs - notice how bent his free leg is) , and wearing them recently.
Brosie has been enjoying playing under the Christmas lights. He really seems to be seeing and enjoying them. I hope so! Tonight we put up the Christmas tree.