Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mr. Boo Boo Head

Just wanted to let you know I have counted 9 little scabs on 3 different veins in Ambrose's forehead.  The vampires keep attacking and they are the easiest veins to get in to. You can see a bandaid on his head in the photo to the right.
I just left David's House where I saw a bald little girl and her mother with shaved head.  There's nothing like a mother's love!  It was hard to hold back the tears.
I came in to find Brosie alert, wiggly, clean, and dressed. Horray! 
They put him back on pressure support overnight to give him a rest and because his CO2 levels were creeping up a bit.  But he is down to 30% O2.  
The PA (physician's assistant) just came in and said he sounds the best he's ever heard him! The ? is whether it is because he had the pressure support all night and may dwindle throughout the day after being off of it or if he no longer needs it because he sounds better.  We must wait and see.


  1. Alert and wiggly sound darn good to me. Love the space kid johnnie; Brosie wears it well - as adorable as ever. Did you ever hear that silly saying (a favorite in my family): "Be alert! The world needs more lerts!" Yeah, like I said... silly. Love, hugs, and prayers.

  2. There is nothing like a mother's love! It's amazing. Hugs and kisses your way. xo Jill