Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 12

When I came in this morning I found Ambrose on 55.5% O2 with a cough assist machine in his room.  It took several minutes to find someone to tell me what was going on as a new patient was just brought in to the room next door who is continually loudly wretching, coughing, and gagging.  They are not going to try increasing the time off CPAP today.
I guess he had some desats with a seizure. They thought he sounded like he had more secretions today.  They tried to use the cough assist to see if it would open him up a bit, but without a cuffed trach, the extra pressure just escapes.  He is back on his usual 35% O2 now.  
He just had an EEG.  (They attach 24 leads to his head to monitor brain waves to look at seizure activity.) This really pissed Ambrose off!  And of course, the moment they shut off the equipment, he had a big seizure.  (I should have taken a picture to add to this post.)They left him with lots of goop and tape in his hair.
His blood sugars are low again -48, 49, so they made some more adjustments to his diet.(They are expected to be lower when instituting this new diet, but would prefer them a little higher than the 40s.)
He is also having an increase in seizures!
He has been having diarrhea for several days now.  (At least it is no longer flouresent green.)
Have I mentioned he has a fungal infection around his trach?  Likely from the antibiotics.
We want to go home!


  1. So sorry, Reb. Sending good wishes to you and Ambrose today.

  2. Happy Mother's day to you too! Tell Ambrose Ben said that it's much better to be HOME! :)