Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 11

Slowly weening...Today Ambrose is having two 7 hour stretches off CPAP.  He must be completely off for 24-48 hrs before he can go home.
I requested a physical therapy consult for him a few days ago.  They have been great. A PT & OT have been alternating visits for about an hour a day. Today she brought a big mat and exercise ball and we got him down on the floor to play.  I think he really enjoyed it. They've also brought him a tumbleform chair and some toys and leave everything with us to use while he's here.  So glad I asked.
Ambrose has achieved ketosis. He is still having some seizures, but a lot less than usual.  His blood sugars have been in the low 50s, so they had to add a little protein powder to his ketocal.
Today Ambrose's friend Ben got to go home. Yeah Ben!


  1. So glad that today had so many positives, and hoping Ambrose continues to improve so he can go home, too!

  2. I knew he was a strong boy! Way to go. You will all be home in no time.
    Glad to hear his getting his "workouts" in with the OT and PT!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.