Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ambrose, Day 10

Here is a picture of Brosie in his current setting, followed by a pic of the helicopter he was flown in on. Kind of like the horse you rode in on but much more dramatic.
He is continuing to ween from CPAP. He just spent 6 hours off and will go back on CPAP for 2 0r 3 hrs, then try another 6 hrs. off.  
His urine is showing ketones.  I saw no seizures yesterday, but did see one this morning. Damn it, he's having another one right now!  Crap!...And speaking of which he is having green poop since starting the diet.

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  1. Green poop... yowsa! Like the geese. Glad to hear the seizures are showing signs of decreasing already. Love the Jersey hair pic - looks like a little Jersey attitude too - a bit of a smirk on that boy's face.