Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trach collar trials

Ambrose just completed his first 2 hour trial off of CPAP and he did great!  In a couple of hours he will do it again.  The best thing about it, apart from the obvious being one step closer to home, is that I can scoop him up and hold him to me without worrying about lots of gear pulling on or twisting his trach. Yeah! 
I am getting ahead of myself. I almost forgot to mention that he passed  his 24 hour trial off pressure support with flying colors, which was the precursor to his current step of weaning off the CPAP. So he is totally done with the pressure support. Yeah again!
The nurse practioner, who has been gone since last Thurs, said she couldn't believe this is the same baby when she listened to his breath sounds.  Everyone has been saying he sound great. So, I am hoping he will be able to wean off the CPAP much quicker and easier this go 'round.
I wrestled with figuring out how to add a hit counter to this blog and finally figured it out on Sunday. I started it at 150 and am amazed at how fast the # is rising.  Thank you to all of you who are reading this.  And mostly, Thank you for keeping Ambrose in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Its great to hear he is doing so well. What about the seizures? I miss you!

  2. Great news. Being able to enjoy more time in mommy's arms uninhibited by gear is CERTAINLY going to give him the fuel he needs to get strong enough to ditch DART soon! Love, hugs and prayers for you both.