Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Badge of Honor

This is a picture of Ambrose holding the badge of honor he earned.
Ambrose spent 10 hours off of pressure support  yesterday and is now attempting to stay off.  Then he will start "trach collar trials." (meaning no CPAP, just his usual O2 through the trach mask, which will make him much more portable.)
His IV came out last night.  Amazingly it was still going after 8 days.  The tape was damp from his bath and dressing him apparently dislodged it.  Oh well, it's gone now.  They decided to stop the antibiotics, except for the one treating the C-Diff, which is given by G-tube so he does not need an IV.  Hurray!
Ambrose sends a big THANK YOU to all of his friends for keeping up with his expoits through the blog!


  1. He's a tough guy! Soooo glad he's doing better! Give him kisses from his Auntie Alicia!!!!

  2. All sounds good. Big boy steps in the right direction. And yet another fabu pic. Keep them coming. Need our daily dose of Brosie.

  3. Rebecca! I'm so sorry. I have been sick and off the internet...I had NO idea that you were back. I'm SO sorry. It sounds like he is doing well. Hang in there and hopefully you will get home soon. We are thinking of you!!!

  4. Great going little champ.....hello supermom...in my thoughts and prayers..this is the first time able to post...rj