Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just like old times

I decided to post a picture of Sophia today.  This picture is of her 6 month birthday spent here in the PICU two rooms down.  Being here with Ambrose is odd.  It is so familiar.  It was Sophia's home away from home.  And mine too.  She spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 260 days of her life here.  She has been in nearly every room,  including the one he is in now.  Doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists caring for him also took care of her.  In fact everyone at least knew of her.  She was famous around here.  Last night Ambrose had a nurse who I remembered took care of Sophia on her very first night here in June of 2003, and I mentioned it to her. She remembered, including the room #.  She said she remembered that night as she was a very difficult intubation. (before she had her trach.) 


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  2. Agree whole-heartedly. Believe Sophia is fluttering her angel wings up and down the halls there, popping in rooms to wave her wand and send secret messages to her pals there. Especially baby brother Brosie. : ) Love and hugs.

  3. Yeah Sophia! i think I just saw her whiz by.