Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hello to all of Brosie's friends!  I'm' sorry I didn't post yesterday. There wasn't much news.
Yesterday morning it was reported to me that he had some desats.  Then I witnessed what was clear to me to be another episode of his trach occluding.  The respiratory therapist was there and he agreed with me.  During rounds the nurse practitioner reported his desats as reason to not change any vent settings.  I suggested the desats were caused by the trach occluding.  The respiratory therapist backed me up, so then the Dr. listened.  He wanted to only lower the CPAP by one and leave the pressure support as it is.  I said I would be more interested in getting him off pressure support so he will no longer need this cuffed trach that is causing him so much trouble. (as previous Dr. seemed interested in doing.)  He thanked me and agreed to lower that instead.  But he is very conservative and only lowered it from 8 to 6.  The resp. therapist later convinced them to trial him off of it for an hour.  They compromised at 30 min.  He did great.  They did an hour off later and he did great with that too.  (The resp. therapist told me I should go to nursing school.  Which is of course my plan.)  Today, previous more aggressive Dr. returns and agreed to let him go off pressure support for up to 2 out of every 4 hours during the day and back on overnight.
Other news is that his stool tested positive for C-Diff.  Basically it's bad diarrhea caused by antibiotics which they treat with the oral version of the same antibiotic he received by IV which caused it. I can't quite wrap my brain around that one.
I don't want to leave you with the thought of diarrhea so....sunny days, fresh flowers,  chocolate, wiggly little babies, and a soft pillow...

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  1. Aww.. the poor little boy. I wish I was there to visit everyone and help get the little man better. I do try and keep tabs on what is going on. Ironically, the day he ended up in the hospital was the same day the little man I take care of ended up there too.

    I am constantly thinking and praying for you. I miss everyone.