Thursday, May 21, 2009

Admission 2, Day 4

Well...another day has gone by with no significant events or changes.  He is still on pressure support of 8, PEEP of 7, FIO2 of 30.  They didn't want to make any changes  as he still has some diminished lung sounds on the left, some crackles and wheezes occasionally.  
The second blood culture is final with no growth.  Yeah! so he can stop the vancomycin.  He is still on the other IV antibiotic Zosin. The only thing they are treating is a presumed unresolved pneumonia.  Pseudomonas and group b strep grew out in his trach culture, as they did last time. It is thought that he is probably colonized with them, but cannot assume so and must treat them.
He has been having a lot of seizures the last 24 hrs. or so.  I really don't know if the ketogenic diet is helping.  They say it can take up to a couple of months to work for some people.  It seemed to be helping right from the get-go, then has had days with a lot of seizures.  They have tinkered with it several times, as it first affected his blood sugar, then he had some weight loss. 
Right now he has diarrhea and a very very sore (bleeding) little hiney!  It breaks my heart.
By the way, after I make a new post, I check back frequently hoping to find some comments.  It always perks me up to know people are following his saga.  I have heard from a couple of you that you were unable to leave a comment.  I'm not sure why that is.  Try if you can.  Either way, I thank you all for reading this and keeping up with Ambrose's life.


  1. Hi honey and I love you! Thank you for keeping a blog about everything that's going on. Much love your way!! xo Jill

    BTW, the only way I can leave a comment is if I sign in on my blogspot account. Not sure if there's other ways to leave a comment or not...

  2. Thinking of you, Reb, and sending hugs to you and Ambrose.

    I have to type in the secret word twice but then my comments post. Don't know why...

  3. Hi Rebecca, hope everything is ok. We didn't hear from you yesterday. Hugs for you and Ambrose, you are both in my thought always.
    Love, Rachel