Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Brother

I have spent an awful lot of time in this hospital. More than anyone person ought to in several lifetimes.  I have had good experiences and bad ones, much more good than bad. I have seen people go above and beyond in their jobs, and some that have not. But this is not about this hospital or the staff, this is about a wonderful and very brave little boy. If anyone is reading for any reason other than out of love for Ambrose, you are not welcome here.  It is very difficult watching your beloved child go through serious medical problems and having to depend so heavily on others.  What I can and do do is to be here as much as possible to comfort him, to advocate for him, to make sure all of the details are passed along properly amongst the constantly changing staff and to make sure he gets the care that he deserves.  I do not need the extra stress of feeling someone is reading over my shoulder.  That I cannot express myself freely.  That I must censor myself.

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  1. Just remember what I said to you. This is your spot and if you have something to vent by all means do so- you of all people I know deserve to vent once in awhile. If there are people that your blog offends then maybe they need to evaluate themselves and get off the pity-potty. As a parent it is your right and duty to expect that your baby is well cared for when you are not there babysitting. Please give Brosie hugs from Aunty Beck and tell him I am anxiously awaiting his return home. Hugs to you to.