Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I began this blog to keep friends and family updated about Ambrose's heath.  I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and feelings regarding the trials and tribulations of raising a medically fragile special needs child.  A few days ago I vented my frustrations with an anonymous nurse's care.  I did not expect anyone would be reading this who would know who I was speaking of.  Apparently that is not so.  I did not intend to embrass anyone.  I hope that those who read this are reading out of interest in Ambrose only.  I feel somewhat inhibited now.


  1. I hope you will continue with the blog. It has been wonderful to be able to "keep in touch" this way - I know it's not as good as a real visit or a phone call, but it's a connection. And I love seeing the all the photos of your sweet, sweet boy. I doubt I am alone in this point of view.

  2. I agree with Carole. I hope the situation wasn't too uncomfortable for you, and I especially hope you don't feel like you can't use this forum to let out the frustrations that you deal with so often trying to get the care your special boy needs. As much as I enjoy reading about Ambrose and sharing in his ups and downs, I feel that this is how I can be there for you - letting you know that someone is here listening to you and sending prayers and good wishes from across the country.

    When I was actively blogging, I was surprised when someone I didn't know commented about something I wrote. I assumed that only the handful of people I told were reading it, and it made me think twice about some things in the future. These things get picked up in web searchers and you never know who will end up reading them. I do believe that anyone who stops to check out the Amazing Ambrose need only to read a little to know how deeply and passionately his mom cares about him, and how her actions are driven by her pure desire to make sure he gets the care he deserves. And that she would never intend to hurt or embarrass anyone.

    Please continue to write as often as you can, and as honest as you need to be.