Sunday, May 24, 2009

You can comment now

I'm pleased to report that Brosie is doing well with the trial periods off of pressure support and he is sounding great!  Today he will have 3  3 hr. periods off pressure support.  He seems fine with it.  I am thrilled that he is sounding so good but am growing impatient.  When he no longer needs pressure support he will still need to be weaned off CPAP.  Amazingly his IV is still working.  This is day 6. A record.
I figured out that there was a default setting that did not allow comments from anyone other than blogspot users.  I have changed this to allow anyone to post a comment.  Help me see that it works.
I just finished reading Life of Pi.  It was great.  I'm sad that it's over.


  1. Ha - I love this picture! He looks great - such a big boy! Glad he's improving, and glad the weekend is over so you don't have to deal with that annoying nurse for a few days.

  2. Yay!!!!He's a wonderboy!I've been checking in on your blog, and thinking of you guys every day! Much love,hugs n kisses -Alicia

  3. I went completely off line over the long weekend and am just catching up. Agree with Jenn that I LOVE this pic. Such a sweet, sweet, handsome boy!! Cannot BELIEVE the lazy crap nurse! That is VERY upsetting to think he left Brosie too much alone while you were out. Grrr!!

    What are you going to read next since Pie is over? I know what you mean about being sad that a book is over… how you can actually miss the characters and story when it's done. Hope you have something good lined up next.

    Work has been very busy for me, and when I want good, distracting reading, I go for kiddie lit - youth/young adult stuff. I never read the series of unfortunate events books, so I'm working my way through those. The writer has a very funny style that I enjoy.

  4. Hello my little darling Ambrose, Gran- Gran want to hold you sooo bad and one day I will. I love looking at you pictures and reading what your Mommy wrote for you. Keep up the good work and always know I love you lotts Love Gran-Gran