Monday, June 29, 2009

Magical Play Room

I finally cleaned out Sophia's Make a Wish playroom for Ambrose to use.  We have had very exciting adventures the last few days with the ball pool, that is entered via slide,  and exploring the "little room." 
For those of you who know, we had a make a wish for our daughter Sophia a few years ago.  We converted a screened in porch into a year round room and picked out lots of fabulous sensory toys which The Make a Wish Foundation of Vermont bought for her, including a vibroacoustic chair (way too big for Brosie), lots of switch toys, musical instruments and positioning aids.  I kept most of it, but the room, which doesn't have heat became something of a storage area.  I've been taking things out for Ambrose now and then but had never used the ball pit which was buried.  
The "Little Room", dubbed a "baby garage" by my visual educator friend Kerry, was designed to be used by visually impaired babies and toddlers.  You cover every surface with stuff so every move that is made creates an interaction with something, encouraging exploration and teaching about object permanence.
Now that I've gotten it cleaned out I don't know why I waited so long.  The time just seemed right finally.  Hopefully we will have LOTS of fun playing everyday!


  1. Hooray for Ambrose!!! Does he know his beautiful mommy was in the newspaper a few days ago??? Love you guys! -Alicia

  2. Wow! What an awesome room! How cool for Sophia and Brosie to have such a great place to play and grow!