Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ambrose says (I like) "PEEP"

I didn't post anything yesterday as I was waiting for any news worth mentioning.  I guess a quiet day in the PICU is a good day in the PICU, although it could also be a day he could be at home.  
I've heard for the last month that the CPAP PEEP valve setup we had at home was no longer approved for at home use, but no one knew why.  Well this morning, a short time after being told no, they agreed to let us do it and are suddenly considering letting him go home as early as tomorrow.  Because really all they are doing here (apart from monitoring and observing him) is providing him with CPAP, which he seems to need for the time being.  I think he will get over it but needs more time.
He still has his crappy rash.  I think he's allergic to the hospital.  It is certainly nice to have access to lot of knowledgeable folks, but they haven't necessarily been able to figure him out.  
I look forward to going home but will be very nervous about the possibility of having to come back.  Hopefully the home CPAP setup will prevent that.

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  1. Will keep my fingers crossed that you get to go home today.

    > "they haven't necessarily been able to figure him out."
    Ambrose Brown: International Boy of Mystery.