Thursday, June 4, 2009

Suction Sucks!

Ambrose slept from 2-5 am and was awake needing frequent suctioning the rest of the night. Normally he rarely needs any suction. Sophia needed to be suctioned about 100 times a day, and that was when she was well. Ever since he has been sick, he has had copious secretions. It may have improved slightly last week. Then he got his new longer trach. I am hoping the increase in secretions is related to that. We had tried a couple of months ago to switch to a longer trach and he had a significant increase in secretions and coughing for the whole 8 days until we switched him back to his old trach. He had a follow up appointment with his PCP yesterday. She was concerned that he was having a long expiratory phase. (taking a lot longer to breath out) She had us bring him to the hospital lab to check his CO2. It was 49, a little high. He is in his normal O2 range, which is an improvement from when he was home a few weeks ago, but I still have concerns particularly about his airway possibly occluding. I was just told that his follow up appointment at the hospital was cancelled. I am not happy about this and am seeing what can be done about that. In the mean time I must return to work tonight. I have a mountain of work to catch up on at home. I just want to know that Brosie is OK.

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