Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bringing the beach to Brosie

Not much to report. It is a quiet day, which is a good thing.  As I  understand it, all of the kids in the PICU are having a pretty good day- Hurray!  Ambrose is satting beautifully on 30 % O2 (and his trusty CPAP).  He has still had a few fevers, although his cultures didn't grow out anything.  He continues on antibiotics and has begun the inevitably accompanying diarrhea (which had barely just stopped from the last round of antibiotics. Ughh!)  Haven't really seen any seizures yet today. (Don't mention this to Ambrose.)  His IV, which they really weren't using, came out.  I held him and rocked him to sleep. He will wake to find his goofy mommy is pretending he is at the beach.

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  1. Not that there was ever any doubt really, but this clinches it: You are the BEST MOM EVER!! Bringing the Beach to Brosie... too f*in cute! Love the crab. As a Cancer, I feel a special connection with those cuddly crustaceans. Did you ever hear that song "Herman and Sally" by the Smothers Brothers... about ill-fated lovers? Ill-fated because they came from different backgrounds: Herman's parents explain their objections in the song: "crabs walk sideways and lobsters walk straight, so we won't let you take her for your mate." A sad song of intollerance really. OK. I'm really tired from the yard sale and I should get off line and go to bed. Love and hugs.