Monday, June 1, 2009


Finally home after a total of 31 days (between the 2 admissions) in the PICU.  Ambrose is resting comfortably in his own bed.
Thank you to all who took such good care of him in the hospital. 
Hopefully we will not see any of you any time soon.
It was decided today that we should stop the ketogenic diet as Ambrose has been losing weight ever since he started it. (Imagine losing weight on an all fat diet. Maybe I need to eat more fat.) He seems to have fat malabsorption.  There has been mild improvement in his seizures although it has been very inconsistent and not as much as I had hoped for.  It's hard to say if that was from the diet or the increases in some of his anti-epileptic meds.  
Keep all the kids in the PICUs everywhere in your prayers.

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