Friday, June 5, 2009

(Hopefully) The Third Time's A Charm

Yes, we are back in the PICU again. It is so discouraging! 
 After a night of virtually no sleep, Ambrose coughing with nearly every breath and needing constant suction, then developing a fever of 102.8, I took him in to the ER.  I rode with him in the ambulance to the PICU.  
We've got to figure this out!  
He hasn't needed extra O2 this time and until the fever I thought it was the trach issues.  
Well they took lots of cultures, put in an IV (Got it on the first time-Yeah!  The nurse even managed to save it despite the fact that Ambrose had a seizure before he was finished-excellent work!)
I asked for the ENT (trach doc) and derm consults.  The ENT ordered the longer custom trach for him (which may take up to a week to get here).  They are putting him on oral anti-fungal med for the rashes that won't clear.  It's a little scary because it can actually cause liver problems and interfere with seizure meds.  He is back on CPAP, which seems to agree with him.  His chest x-ray looks lousy again.
I just returned to work yesterday.  Four different residents told me they love me, which more than makes up for the one trying to hit and kick me.  I missed them (and my excellent coworkers.)  I hated to call and say I'll be gone again.


  1. We love you too and Ambrose! Im so sorry that you are back up there, but we need him to be better. You are right, hopefully third times a charm! In my thoughts and prayers! Love ya!

  2. I love you guys!!! Rooting for Ambrose to get good and strong so he can stay home with his Mommy!-Alicia

  3. So sorry, Reb. Hopefully this won't be a long stay and you will both be home soon.