Saturday, June 6, 2009

Admission 3, Day 2

So, no big news.  Ambrose continues to be on CPAP at 30%-40% O2.  He continued having fevers over night, which cause him to have increased seizure activity.  He has had Ativan several times, so he is pretty sleepy.  No significant findings with any of his cultures.  I think he has had a viral pneumonia all along.   That would not respond to antibiotics.  The CPAP helps enough that he seems better but after a few days off  it catches up with him.   
My dear friend Laura, nurse extraordinaire, visited and took me to the Intensive Care Nursery reunion barbeque.  It was nice to get out.  I met a baby who just went home on a ventilator.  It was nice to see he was so portable.  The technology is quite amazing. (As was the baby!)

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  1. Super bummer that you are back at the hospital, but glad to hear you had a warm welcome when you went back to work and that you had wonderfully competent help with Ambrose's IV on Friday. Praying for a short stay and trip back home soon!! Love and hugs to you both.