Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ambrose's first trip to the dentist

Ambrose was a very brave (and VERY FIESTY) boy at the dentist this morning.  He presented a huge challenge to the excellent pediatric dentist and hygienist who he saw to file his very sharp bottom teeth that were cutting his tongue on a daily basis.  I had hoped to take a picture but it was far to gruesome an experience plus it took 6 hands, including my own, to hold Ambrose. Despite all the hands, he was pulling his lower lip in to protect his teeth and it hit the drill a couple of times and got cut.  He aspirated some blood during this traumatic event. However, as soon as it was over, he was fine.  He is a true Champ!  His four bottom teeth are now blunt tipped triangles that will hopefully be kinder to his little tongue!


  1. Thank you for sparing us the pics - just the mention of "dentist" sends shivers down my spine! It's never a fun trip - kudos to Ambrose for getting through it. And what a relief for his poor little tongue. :-)

  2. He really is such a trooper, isn't he. I had a DREAM ABOUT AMBROSE LAST NIGHT!! I was visiting you guys and when I picked him up for a snuggle he was VERY FIESTY, with lots of happy wiggling and squirming... then when I read this blog post... hmmmm.

  3. Ambrose is really a true champ! We know for a fact that it's hard for his condition to have a dentist procedure, but he still made it. I'm happy for both of you! Hope he's doing fine now.