Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday was a quiet day/I saw the bunny

Not much happened today. Ambrose was up a bit on his O2 but seemed more like himself. No fevers, improvement in color and quantity of trach secretions. His blood culture came back in the middle of the night growing something but they think it was just a contaminated sample, since an earlier culture was clean and he's not having any symptoms. Of course they drew another one just to be safe and decided to put in an IV even though 2 attendings said he didn't have to have one. But of course now that it's there they won't remove it. Ambrose seems to be working on that himself. Our friend and Ambrose's early interventionist, Mary came to visit us and brought some treats and a bag my husband put together for us as well.
I was just speaking with the mother of a 1 year old with leukemia and the mother of a 3 1/2 year old with neuroblastoma cancer who just had his 9th surgery. We were speaking of how amazing and loving and HAPPY our children are! (Not to mention Brave. When you are afraid to do something, just think of them.)
As a complete aside - I saw the bunny today. Two years ago, when Ambrose was born and I spent the whole cold winter here with him in the ICN, there was a black rabbit who lived outside of the North entrance of the hospital. People would leave lettuce and apples and the like in the snow. When I saw the bunny I knew it would be a good day.
"Bunny Rabbit" was a nickname I had for Sophia and it felt like a little sign from her. One day it practically came running up to me, as if she said," hurry, there she is!"
I later learned that the previous summer someone had released some domesticated rabbits there because they thought the patients would enjoy watching them out the windows. (There are some patient rooms right there at ground level.)
As I've approached the hospital these past several cold mornings I wondered if the rabbit (or rabbits) was still around. When I saw him this morning it just made me so happy!

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