Thursday, February 4, 2010

Positive Pressure is a "+"/A+

Ambrose remains stable. No big changes. He continues on pressure support of 7 over PEEP of 8 at 35% O2. The good news is that is chest xray looks good - no pneumonia, relatively clear. Without those distractions however it is very noticeable how crooked his spine is and that his heart is really far to the left. (He is definately NOT a republican.) He continued having scattered fevers (but none so far today). They decided to start him on antibiotics last night based on the continued fevers. (Last night was day 6 of fever.) He is getting Cipro and Tobramycin nebs. His trach grew moraxcella. (sp?) Virus panels were all negative. (Which doesn't mean he doesn't have a virus but they only test for a few major ones.) He still has tons of secretions, but they are no longer blood tinged from the trauma of having a cuffed trach put in. He seems more comfortable to me.
His Daddy visited yesterday and brought some of Ambrose's little buddies, including "Little Buddy" (Thank you Ben) and "Pierre the Polar Bear" (Thank you Carole!) "Marvin," and "Spotty." They were all happy to see each other.
Today he will be getting some physical therapy. Yeah!
Brosie is such a good boy!

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  1. He IS such a good boy and just yet another reason to love him so is his left-leaning heart. Keep up the good work Brosie. I know you will kick this thing soon and be back home where you belong!!