Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hard day for Daddy

Brosie' home ventilator: The Pulmonetics 1150

Crazy days-
Yesterday Ambrose's Daddy got in a car accident. He was banged up quite a bit but lucky to have not been injured seriously. His truck however is totaled.
Ambrose is doing better and on track for his planned homecoming on Tuesday.
He is adjusting to his ventilator. I think he was having some plugging issues. No one ever listens to me when I tell them that he needs higher than normal temperature settings on his humidification. They wait until he starts to dry out and have troubles. The pulmonologist was in agreement with me on that and since it has been turned up, his secretions have thinned and he has stopped having desats. He has also come down some on his O2. I have learned that the frequency and size of his breath changes the amount of O2 his is receiving.
I also wanted to mention that he has his flexion/extension CT scan a few days ago. As predicted, it showed a very abnormal C-spine with narrowing at the base of the skull, but they felt it did no look unstable. Interestingly it also revealed that he has an ear infection. (10 days of fevers, multiple labs, negative for everything and no one looked in his ears.)
On a happy note: Ambrose's Mommy received an acceptance letter from Vermont Technical College for their nursing program.

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  1. YEAH REB! Congrats on the acceptance. Crazy days for sure. Sounds like lots of ups and downs. I'm sure you are looking forward to getting home tomorrow. Great picture of Brosie here too. Thanks so much. Love seeing his face. Just want to kiss those cheeks!! Give him a few smooches from me please?