Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ambrose in PICU 2010

My darling Ambrose has been sick along with Mommy for the last 5 days. The first few days he had fevers of up to 102.9, lots of coughing and increased discolored secretions. The good news was that he was NOT requiring any more O2 than usual. I kept him on his CPAP around the clock for additional support. Tuesday morning, after moving him, he couldn't keep his sats up despite cranking his O2 up as far as it goes (10L). Similar to previous episodes, he required bagging. (He is breathing but need some extra force behind his breaths to get in enough O2.) He would sat well with bagging him at 10L, but we can not do this continually. So we called rescue, transported him to BMH where they bagged him for over 2 hrs. until the DART team came to transport him to DHMC's PICU. They put in a cuffed trach because he had a big air leak around his trach. The cuffed trachs are hard to get in and cause some bleeding. Ouch!
He is getting pressure support (basically the same thing as bagging but controlled by a machine) and CPAP through the ventilator. He is stable. Don't think he'll be here long but you can never predict.

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