Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Year and a Half!

Today is Ambrose's 18 month birthday.  I have had the joy and honor of holding my baby boy in my arms for a year and a half!  Thank you God!  He is sweet, loving, easy going, strong, brave, feisty, warm, soft, funny, and all around AMAZING!
He is doing very well. He got over that cold very fast.  His secretions are finally drying up.  He is sounding good and is in his usual range of O2.  He is growing well.  He has finally caught back up to where he was before his hospitalization and ketogenic diet.  The other day we saw the ENT who scoped his with the latest custom trach (slightly longer and with a slightly increased angle to it) and it looks to be quite good.  It is a little long (close to the krina) but is not leaving room for any trach collapse below it and it doesn't seem to be bothering him.  This is good news.  We will have to sterilize and reuse them because they cost nearly 4 times as much as the nearly identical non custom ones.
He also had some new ear molds made which will hopefully stay in better.
He has slept better for the past few days as well.
We will be trying a new seizure med-Zonegran (once our pharmacy figures out how and if they can get it) and weening off phenobarbital.
Happy Ambrose's half-birthday!

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