Monday, July 13, 2009

Ambrose Fan Club

While Ambrose is still feeling a bit under the weather, he has not had any more fevers.  Yeah!  His secretions are still thicker and he is sleeping more  (mostly during the day) and using CPAP a bit more but not significantly up on his O2. Way to go Brosie!
This is a picture of Ambrose with his nurse Rebbecca/"Auntie Beck." (Vice President of the Ambrose Fan Club.) Yes, it can get a little confusing around here with the names.
We got the shirts from
They have over 3 billion designs including thousands of names available on a wide variety of shirts, bags, mugs, signs.  You know if they have the name "Ambrose" they've got pretty much everything.  They are from some undisclosed country apparently because some of their designs don't translate very well, as in the Obama slogans: "Obama is my Homebody", and " The power to change the things," and "I'm voted for that one."
I'm sure those are big sellers!  Feel free to join the Ambrose Fan Club and send me a picture of yourself.

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