Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Greetings from the ball pool

The amazing Ambrose has been down on his oxygen the last few days and sounding good.  Hurrah!  He's still up to his old tricks of staying up most of the night.  Last night he slept from 1130pm until a seizure woke him at 2:30 am. He then proceeded to wiggle all night until he tried sleeping around 8 am and was interrupted by a cluster of seizures over the next hour and a half until he finally slept after getting his seizure meds.  (Seizures are bullies!  They like to pick on defenseless little cuties who never did anything to them!  They do not abide by signs restricting them from the premises.  They do not listen when you tell them to , "get off of him," or " leave him alone!".  Nor can you chase them away with a broom.)  The neurologist says his ability to mount a seizure is "impressive."  I'd rather him not be impressive in that way.
Looks like yet another rain storm about to start.  Hopefully we will not lose power, which is a challenge with some of his medical equipment.

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