Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brosie Good!

Little Ambrose is enjoying lots of walks in the warm weather, and more than anything, LOTS of hugs! He has been staying out of trouble. (i.e. the hospital) He has started having some very brief seizure activity, which hopefully is just a result of him outgrowing his med doses as they have not been adjusted for a very long time. He has been growing a lot. He is up to 29 lbs. We actually decreased his calories a few months ago, under Dr advice, and since doing so he has gained 3 lbs. He only gets 550 calories a day. (Pediasure and lots of water.) I'm not sure if he has grown in length. That is a tricky thing to measure due to his very tight hamstrings, which cause him to keep his legs bent. The Dr. increased his Lamictal dose and scheduled an EEG for next month, at which time he will also be getting an ultrasound to follow up on his kidney stones vs. calcification, and see several other Drs. as well.
Tomorrow, Ambrose will celebrate his Mommy's graduation from nursing school. (soon to return for more torture) and then Daddy's day, and then Mommy & Daddy's 20th anniversary!
(I was 9 I think.)

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