Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ambrose loses his first tooth

The other night, when I was brushing Ambrose's teeth, I noticed one of his bottom front teeth was extremely loose. So much so that I was worried about it falling out and him aspirating it. (Yikes!) I grasped the tiny tooth and it came right out. Thankfully, he didn't even seem upset.
He is not quite 3 1/2 yet. Teeth don't typically fall out until age 5 or 6. This happened to Sophia as well. I had noticed that one of her top teeth was loose and took her to the dentist. He thought she was very young for it, but the x ray showed the tooth had almost no root. He explained to me that the roots of baby teeth reabsorb allowing them to fall out. We kept an eye on her loose tooth for months and one day while checking it, one of the bottom front teeth, that I didn't even know was lose, fell right out. I believe it was the same tooth that Ambrose lost.
He is very protective of his mouth and doesn't like us brushing or even looking in his mouth, but I did investigate and found his top two front teeth also slightly loose. Oh boy!

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