Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wow! I have really been slacking on my blogging! Sorry about that!
Brosie is doing pretty well. Please see new video of him on top of video bar (to the right. If it is not linking to the correct video I have added a link to in in the LInkin' Logs section just below the vido bar). Also, pictures from Sophia's garden of tall roses reaching up to Heaven for Sophia to smell them, as well as some cute Brosie pictures.
He has seen some improvement in his seizures since starting a new med Zonisimide (a.k.a. Zonegran) and discontinuing Phenobarbital. Although he has had a few spells of increased seizure activity, including this morning.
He's always got to keep us on our toes, so he traded seizures for some GI troubles. He seems to sometimes have decreased gastric motility, causing reflux and occasional constipation, which is so unlike him. His diet is extremely consistant but this problem seems to come and go. It's not clear what is causing it but he did have a consultation with a new GI doctor, so that's a start.
He is growing well. He grew an inch this past mont and is up to 28.5" long and 19.5 pounds. He's 3.5 " longer that Sophia was at this same age and roughly same weight. He really loves to stand but cannot straighten his legs all the way. They are quite stiff, as are his hips. We do stretches but it hasn't changed much. He still hasn't received his foot splints and knee immobilizers. (I know that last one sounds horrible.) He had a fitting with the foot splints but they had to take them back to make adjustments. He didn't seem to mind them though. We got similar ones for Sophia but she wouldn't keep her heel in them. She was like Houdini. She would always get out somehow, so they were of no use to her.
We have been busy as we have been trying to sell our house. We want to stay in the area but need to downsize. Of course this is not a good time to sell a house, but you've got to do what you've got to do. We worked hard on spiffing it up, decluttering and trying to keep it clean. We've had several lookers and one offer. Everyone seems to like the house but are picky about things we can do nothing about, like highway noise and a right of way through our property that has never needed to be used.
I am planning to start taking a few classes toward a nursing certificate/degree.

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  1. He is looking more and more like his Daddy as he grows. Such a precious boy. Thanks for all the updates and pics. Your roses/garden are beautiful. Good luck with the house sale and school too. Busy times for the Curtis-Brown's eh?