Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 3 -First blog post

Today is day 3 of Ambrose's PICU admission for a presumed pneumonia.
He was flown by helicopter from our local ER on Monday, April 27 after a weekend of fevers, coughing, and worsening respiratory distress.  He is stable with slight improvement since Mon.
He is on CPAP on 45% O2.  He is getting IV and inhaled antibiotics and albuterol.  His lungs are full of junk.  They say he "sounds like a washing machine."  He tested negative for all viruses (There is no test yet for Swine Flu in case you are wondering, but they don't suspect that) and has not grown anything from his cultures.  
I am hoping to be able to hold him for the first time since Mon when he wakes up.
His (and Sophia's) friend Ben is just down the hall.
He is such a good boy!  Please keep him and Ben in your prayers.


  1. Boo-hiss that Ambrose is under the weather. But YAY that you have started this blog. Can't wait to keep up on All the Adventures of the Amazing Ambrose this way. Love and prayers, cad.

  2. I will definately keep them both in my prayers and you and Jim too. I hope he is feeling better and that you are holding him right now. Stay strong, love to you both, Rachel

  3. Thinking about you and Ambrose, Reb. I hope he keeps on improving and look forward to hearing all about it here. Nice picture of the two of you. Wishing you lots of strength and love.

  4. Hooray! Excellent start to your blog! :) I'm glad the picture turned out SO cute too. I'll be keeping tabs on your cute boy. Stevie kept talking about the amazing Ambrose tonight. We're praying for you guys!