Monday, April 8, 2013

Well, we have been home from the hospital for two weeks now and Ambrose is finally coming down to the upper end of his normal oxygen range and is not needing quite so much suctioning.   It really takes him a long time to recover when he is sick.   They sent him home on Augmentin antibiotics, which of course gave him terrible diarrhea and diaper rash, despite using Culturelle for Kids probiotics.
(His White Blood Cell count was elevated at 18, indicating infection.  His cultures grew normal flora, but they wanted to treat because of the WBC count.)  He has been feeling much more like his wonderful self.
I have been telling myself that he needs a hair cut for a while now.  Yet I keep postponing doing it.  It is hard to do as he keeps moving his head around.  I want to get it done with quickly.  His hair is also quite tricky as it is straight in front and very curly/frizzy in back.  I always think, "What have I done?" mid haircut.  It always looks crooked (because it probably is) and too short.  His hair gets wild when it is long and has a lot of personality, which I love.  When I cut it he loses some of that and it emphasizes how small his head is.  I don't know why it always seems to take me by surprise and makes me a little sad.  When his hair is long, it sticks up and I think of him as being like an animal in nature trying to make itself look bigger than it is.    Before and after shots below.

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