Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little Brosie has been sick for the last week.  The first photo is taken mid-sneeze.

 He caught a cold from his Daddy, who tried very hard to not expose him to his germs.  Ambrose had temperatures up to 103.4.  He was requiring more O2 and coughing a lot, having tons of tracheal secretions.  We have kept him on his vent most of the time, as we have done each time he is sick.
He has been able to weather all of his respiratory illnesses at home since we have gotten the vent about 2 years and 8 months ago.

 I decided not to call the Doctor this time.  They usually put him on an antibiotic "just in case."  It just gives him bad diarrhea.  Ambrose's Dad and I (who also got sick) got better on our own, so it seem to be a virus.  He also had several crying spells, which is awful.  Ambrose rarely ever cries, so I think he must be very uncomfortable when he does, and he cannot communicate what is bothering him.  It is pretty much the only time he makes any sound, but it is just heartbreaking to hear his cry.

Ambrose has't had any fevers, or crying spells, in several days and has come down some on his O2, but he is still needing the vent most of the time and needing much suctioning.  He has been somewhat playful, but not quite his usual self yet.  Hopefully soon!

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