Wednesday, November 23, 2011

About a month ago, we all took turns having colds. At first I though Ambrose was going to manage to avoid it. But, no matter how careful we were, he got sick too. Of course a cold can make Ambrose very sick. I am pleased to report that he got through it at home, without even a trip to the Doctors. I kept him on his CPAP and Pressure Support around the clock for a few days and he was much better. He's not quite back to his baseline O2 range and his secretions are still a bit yellowish, but he is back to his usual WONDERFUL self!
Yesterday we went to DHMC for a scheduled appointment. I asked about checking Electrolytes since Ambrose is on diuretics for his renal calcification. They hadn't been checked since August. About an hour after leaving I received a call that he had a critical lab value. His potassium level was 2.6. The normal range is 3.5-5.0. This can cause skeletal muscle weakness, constipation (which he has definately been experiencing) and can progress to affect the heart and lungs. It is good that it was discovered. Ambrose hid it well. He is now taking Potassium Chloride supplements and will have to go back next week to have his levels drawn again (from his trusty forehead vein).
Otherwise Ambrose has been his usual cuddly and sweet self.
We have been stimulating his vision a lot more lately with many of his Make a Wish toys, including the iPad. I think he is actually using his vision more. His doctor commented yesterday that she noticed him looking at her for the first time. Yeah Brosie!

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