Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ambrose has been continuing to enjoy exploring all of his new sensory toys. It is wonderful to get to see him experience new sensations, even if his reaction is subtle.
We have finally gotten the last item from our Make a Wish: an iPad. It was generously donated by Small Dog Electronics of Waitsfield, VT. As you may have heard, iPads are becoming increasingly popular as an educational/sensory toy for babies and special needs children. There are many many apps designed especially for them. I wanted to try it but wasn't sure that he would respond, due to his limited vision, but it seems quite promising. He has just had a few interactions with it so far, but really seems to be looking at the fireworks, baby shapes graphic patterns, the rainbow xylaphone. Also, it has a feature called photo booth that allows you to take some pretty crazy pictures, as you can see.

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