Friday, November 5, 2010

Wow! November already!

I cannot believe I didn't make a single post in all of October. Pathetic! Yes, I am very busy, but that is unacceptable!
My darling Ambrose is doing well. He is up to his old tricks of staying up all night, being cuddly, looking cute, a kicking like a madman. He is using his hands a bit more.
One exciting things is that I was contacted by a recent graduate of Dartmouth Medical School. She met Ambrose and I last year while she was working with Ambrose's neurologist. She is now writing a paper about Taybi-Linder syndrome, focusing on the neuroogical aspects. It will include a case study of Sophia and Ambrose. I am very excited as NO ONE has been doing anything about this syndrome. It is so unknown and it seems that no one is interested since the geneticist who it is named for retired many years ago. She asked me for pictures and I have sent several that show their unique features but also show them to be human and special and not just clinical case studies. I hope that comes across some how in this paper.
I still can't figure out how to get more that 5 pictures to post, so I will add another post.

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  1. That is soo cool about the article! And is it wrong that the pictures of Burger-Brosie make me a little hungry? I can NOT get over how big he is getting. I have GOT to plan a visit to see you all in person again... he was just a baby when I saw him last and now... he's a proper boy! Maybe in the new year?? January is such a crappy month it would be good to have something fun to look forward to... will give you a ring soon and perhaps we can begin planning. Hugs!