Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My little sick boy

Poor Brosie has been sick for weeks. He has had fevers coming and going for the last 16 days (as high as 104.5 degrees) and increased secretions. Then, a week in, as he was seeming to be feeling better, the nursing agency sent us a pediatric nurse with 20 years experience. After one day of training the agency insisted she didn't need any more training because she was so knowledgeable. Despite the fact that she had observed a feeding and learned that Ambrose's g-tube bolus feedings need to go in over at least 20 minutes, she dumped the entire feeding in in about a minute flat and took in upon herself to flush it with a quantity of water almost as large as his feeding, clamped off and removed the G-tube extension, before I even knew she had started feeding him. He immediately started vomiting forcefully and had prolonged desaturations into the 70s while he choked and gagged. That evening his fever spiked and he began needing more O2. (I didn't even mention the sloppy, unsanitary suction technique she attempted to use, suctioning him too deeply, and putting his trach ties on dangerously loosely. Needless to say, she will never be setting foot in my house again!)
Now he has had 5 days of Cipro (following 7 days of Omnicef) and has been on the vent around the clock for the last 5 days, with increased PEEP. (If we didn't have the vent at home he would be in the PICU for sure.)
Meanwhile I have gotten sick myself after being run down from staying up suctioning Brosie night after night and worry that I then exposed him to a new illness, started nursing school last week, and am down a nurse. Stress!
Please get well soon Brosie!

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