Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tactile things Part 2

If you haven't already ready read part 1 of this post please scroll down to read first. Thanks.
Here I have pictured one of the few things I have made specifically for Ambrose as he has all of Sophia's things to play with. That picture is from his first birthday and I made him a sun with 12 rays, one for each year of his life. Unfortunately he does not use his arms and hands as much as Sophia. He is all about the legs. He does touch and bat at things but doesn't open his hands very much and definately is a lefty. I am trying to teach him how useful those hands can be.
Also pictured is Sophia in her "sensory dress." (She only wore it a couple of times.)
Sophia and Daddy with one of the "Discovery Quilts", the first items I made to sell.
Sophia on her Throne, and throne in progress. Made from tri-wall cardboard by a couple of members of Sophia's educational team and myself at the Perkin's School for the Blind's adaptive equipment workshop. This was really amazing because it was custom made to her proportions so she could actually bend her knees over the edge of the seat and rest her arms on the arm rests. This had never been possible before due to her short arms and legs. Hurray! Unfortunately Ambrose can not sit in it as it is too upright for him. His hips and hamstrings are so tight so he is more limited in his seating options.
If you haven't seen it already please watch the Wiggle It video before it drops off the bottom of the page. Or you can find it in the archive menu: title: Wiggle It, date: Friday, March 12, 2010
It's his best video yet!

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