Sunday, March 28, 2010


4. That is the number of nights Ambrose has slept through in the 6 weeks since he has been home from the hospital.
He continued having lots of secretions which were finally staring to slow down a couple of weeks ago.
About 10 days after coming home he had some fevers and went back on antibiotics. His poor little hiney is still trying to recover.
He was having positional-related desats a few times a day due to his (non custom) trach. We finally received the custom Bivona and it has made a huge difference: no desats or air leaks (which also means no sound.) It is also easier to get in and out and did not cause any bleeding. It did however, cause another increase in his secretions. Hopefully he will adjust to this soon so I will not need to keep waking up to suction him as he lays awake all night.
He has been needing less O2, often as low as .25 L. We hope t0 start weening him from the vent soon and only using it at night. That will make it much easier to take him out for walks to enjoy the upcoming Spring.
Ambrose is his usual wonderful adorable sweet self.
If you haven't already seen it, please check out his "Wiggle It" video in the previous post. It will make you smile!

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  1. That's exciting news about the new trach and the possibility of less vent time. Really good to read. Been missing the updates, so thanks for taking the time. Love and miss you. Thinking of you often.